Pearle deMagie

The following is common knowledge about Pearle deMagie:

Pearle de Magie stands at the edge of the Niwaega Sea as the primary port for Gorainne. Trade ships from Abha and small outposts along the coast deliver such goods as exotic spices, hand-crafted silks and rare arcane reagents. In addition to legitimate trade, it is generally understood that nearly anything can be moved anywhere for a price.

There are two primary industries in Pearle deMagie, shipping and fishing. Shipping is the most lucrative, since the port city is the primary point of entry for virtually all foreign goods on the entire east coast.

The pirates of La Rose Noir do smuggle a bit of merchandise but the relative quantity of goods is very small and Gorainne has a tiny navy. It is a fact that several representatives of the pirate community are actively seeking to create a privateer pact by obtaining letters of marquee granting naval authority to the pirate fleet for protection and defense. This seems unlikely as long as pirate raids on commercial shipping continue. The Carnage has been particularly active of late and La Rose Noir will come under increased scrutiny unless things change.

The shipping companies are generally cooperative, with the extent of their competiveness confined to hiring away from each other the finest pilots and seamen. Some rumors spread of bribery of officials in foreign ports in exchange for exclusive docking rights and they are in all probability true, but most ports benefit from having more ships competing for cargo. With little competition, Abha Shipyards is the only practical and dependable builder of large vessels. Henrik Vanger owns the largest of the shipping companies based in Pearle deMagie. With nearly thirty ships at sea, the Vanger fleet moves vast stores of goods and materials in and out of Gorainne. Old even by half-elf standards, Henrik has been grooming his sons Martin and Gottfried to take the helm of the company. While they maintain the appearance of cooperation and friendship, the prospect of co-managing the company has resulted in significant underlying tensions. While they don’t hate each other, strong differences of opinion exist on how best to run the company.

The many small family-owned fishing fleets don’t have much to complain about in Pearle deMagie. It’s been many years since the fishing fleets have had a bad year. With ample supply and a near endless demand, business has been lucrative for anyone willing to cast a net. Complaints are lodged from time to time about demands for protection money from unsavory characters but upon investigation few accusers are willing to pursue the complaints.

Pearle deMagie

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