Thaerin's Raiders

Midnight in the Camp of Good And Evil

Fezwick, On Watch and...

Victory! The taste of sweet victory lingered on the lips of our heroes. With Skamos, an assassin and the vampire Rosa Floren all dead and the Dragonstar Crystal safely in the possession of Ellie, everyone’s favorite bard, it’s Miller time! Did I forget to mention that there’s now a ten story statue of Pelor smiling out over the countryside? Yeah, our guys did that! Uh hu! Sounds like someone is building a little street cred. As a little icing on the sweet cake of success, a squad from Pearle deMagie showed up lead by none other than Captain Perrin, the very same Captain Perrin saved from pirate thugs at the Serpents Eye lighthouse by, you guessed it, our heroes. That’s right babeeee. More street cred. Pretty soon kids will be wearing frocks with the likeness of the Yuan-ti Ilessa. They’ll be getting tattoos to look like the coolest cinder-soul around. One can already imagine little girls getting their I Love Adara buffs and the little bad girls with their Fynn Rocks leather collars. Ellie hats will be all the rage. Soon everyone will be wearing them. And of course, arcane geeks everywhere will all want their Fezdisk from Ronco.

But I digress.

Elistina, after long life and a phenomenal adventuring career, passed into the great beyond. Before passing though she provided a journal covering most of the story of Varxious and quite a bit on the Six, plus there was booty that included new toys for our heroes. Ilessa managed to get her weapons enchanted and after a rest the grateful captain provided our party with a wagon and horses.

The plan is simple. Head to Pearle deMagie. Collect the promised reward from the mayor, who Captain Perrin says is now in jail. Then head to Hammerdale. Find Jamice the sorcerer, who was also one of the six and see what he can suggest about disposing of the crystal. Yup, that’s pretty simple.

So on night one, with Fezwick the Alert on guard, the group is attacked. Now I could just cut Fezwick some slack here but that just wouldn’t be my style now. There was growling. Then there was more growling. “Hmmm, I’ll turn into something.” he says. “And I’ll just nudge Thaerin until he gets up.”

Now as DM I’m not usually one to place blame on others, but Ilessa rolled a damn good initiative. But being asleep because the guy on watch didn’t wake you up doesn’t do much to counter the surprise factor. It sucks but hey, maybe there should be a “Taking Watch for Dummies” book or maybe “Guard Duty: What You Should Know About Sounding the Alert.”

At any rate, the attack by the shadow brigade was intense. Aside from inherent abilities like invisibility and becoming incorporeal, they laid out “dark fog”, creating a zone of -dark-fog. Anyway, the battle looked like it was going to be a rout. The party was doomed. And these guys were clearly after the crystal. Could their victory, the taste still lingering on their lips, be snatched away just like that? No dammit! Once again our heroes rose to the challenge and laughed in the face of their foes. Ha! Or something like that.

Finally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, the group astutely notices that the dead Shadar-kai warriors had a tattoo identical to the tattoo on the dead assassin in the colossus. A small serpent coiled on a helmet. Hmmmm.

What does it all mean? Could it be a coincidence? I can’t wait to find out.



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