Thaerin's Raiders

Adventure, Excitement, Betrayal!

So our intrepid heroes were traveling south along the road to Pearle deMagie, hoping to cash in on a job well done. Along the way they were waylaid by spectral panthers and more dark ones, allies of the shadowy assassin dispatched back in the temple of Pelor. Traveling along the deserted road, we came upon a bush rustling beside the path. Upon investigation, the rustling turned out to be a scraggly man, introducing himself as Finious Weathershed. The newcomer joined our band of glorious heroes, as there is always added safety in numbers in dangerous forests. Just before nightfall, the party came across an abandoned two-storey house off the road, and after a quick investigation decided to make their rest for the evening indoors. Fezwick, in an effort to stymie any potential attackers, turned himself into a goat to keep watch outside. As the party drifted off to sleep, the howls of wolves were heard nearby. Fezwick took it upon himself to investigate, for as he was a druid, he had the best chance of making the wolves go away. Alas, these were not ordinary forest wolves fit to befriend a druid, but evil werewolves, bent on the party’s destruction. A fight ensued once Fezwick fled back to the hold to warn the others. During the combat, Fynn decided to surprise the party. “Surprise,” she said, as suddenly her angelic deva’s form was replaced with the slightly smaller, more gray-skinned body of a doppelganger: her true form all along. The werewolves were dispatched and skinned for Thaerin was chilly and wanted a cloak. But the success of the party was soon diminished as Adara had finally had enough. This true deva was horrified at her previous companion’s deception, and the generally evil motives of certain party members, and felt she would be best served living out this current life as a benevolent tea saleswoman. The following morning found the party once again heading south, bereft of Adara’s companionship. Upon reaching Pearl deMagie, Finious said that he could not enter, and some parley ensued. Turns out he was Bill, friend of Skittles, and just the man the party had been looking for. Bill decided to trust our fair adventurers, after hearing of their daring exploits with Skittles and other acts of piracy upon the high seas. He would await the party’s completion of business outside the city, near the western gate. Going into town, the party met with the mayor Devry LeChar and then decided to trick Bill and capture him. With Fynn’s newfound morphing abilities, the deception was child’s play, and Bill was soon in the custody of the authorities. After celebrating their successful job, Ellie went to the inn to get rooms and play some music, while Ilessa was quietly stalking the streets of the town, followed by dog-form Fezwick and Thaerin to ensure no trouble ensued from their crazy antics. An important discovery is made! Thaerin and Fezwick visit the mayor again to learn more about a potential job, and Devry is distressed. Upon listening to his story, they both realize that he is in fact Ellie’s long-lost brother, and perhaps holds the key to her mysterious past! Thaerin hastily finds Ellie and brings her to the jail, where she confronts her old nemesis, asking for her mother’s name, and the whereabouts of her precious hat. While not forthcoming with the information she wants, Ellie will not rest until she has what she wants, and is also gladdened by the knowledge that she has a younger brother! The party ended their adventure on the high note of much excitement, and rounds of drinks bought with hard-earned money.



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