Dragonstar Crystal

Imprisoning the Black Dragon Varxious


The Dragonstar Crystal has the power to spontaneously reanimate the dead, and will do so at least every hour.

The possessor of the Dragonstar crystal can call explicitely raise and control the undead.

If the crystal is destroyed, previously controlled undead will seek to destroy the one who controlled them.


The Dragonstar crystal was created specifically to capture and contain the black dragon Varxious. Created by Pelor himself, it was the result of an arrangement between Tiamat and Pelor when it became evident that Varxious was becoming powerful enough to overthrow Tiamat and become the Dragon God. The specifics of the deal state that Pelor could create the crystal, but it had to be the heroes from among the Aerthland peoples that weakened him enough for capture. The Six came together and over time, convinced Varxious that the crystal was their source of great power. His thirst for power forced the weakened Varxious to embrace the crystal, triggering it’s power and trapping him inside. The legend states that if the crystal is destroyed, Varxious will be reborn into Aerthland.

Dragonstar Crystal

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