Thaerin's Raiders

The Serpent's Eye

As they approach the lighthouse, they observe that the lighthouse is actually part of a larger complex. A long set of stairs leads to the main house. Well, always cautious, the party marches right up the front steps and knocks on the door.

A young boy answers the door and tells the party to go away. He’s not allowed to talk to strangers and, to be honest, there aren’t many stranger than the lot of them. The boy shuts the door. Always thinking outside the box, our party tries a different tactic. They knock again. This time, the boy doesn’t even open the door. Eventually though, he does open the door and the party more or less forces their way in using the Jehovah’s Witness encounter power. Apparently the 12 year old boy is no match for our level 4 heroes. Unfortunately, the boy is a hostage. The upside is that not one member of our party gives a damn about the boy, which has a tendency to reduce hostage value significantly. They attack the eight assorted bandits along with their mage boss. Luckily the perch chosen by the mage was only eight feet high, so Thaerin just yanked his magical ass to a severe beat down. Ilessa found a new squeeze but as usual, the relationship didn’t last. They managed to subdue one of the bandits but he makes a run for it and leaps through the front window. This was actually a pretty good plan for the bandit, you know, getting away and all. He just didn’t know that the window was forty feet above the jagged cliff rocks. C’est La Vie. Luckily the boy survived. So did his mom and several of the city guards but dad was tortured and killed. An unconscious bandit lay on the floor. The party binds him, frees the hostages, scopes the room and returns to question the bandit that killed the father. Unfortunately, mom decides to dole out a little “you killed my man” revenge and now they have a dead bandit where once was an unconscious one. They do find out from one of the hostages that the boss is after the Dragonstar Crystal. Not too sure yet what that is but hey, it’s good to have goals. A glowing barrier prevents our party from investigating the loft so off they go into the middle section of the lighthouse complex.



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