Thaerin's Raiders

Ilessa Slithers Away

Sssssee ya

To recap the reunion of Ellie and her brother, Devry gave her two things their mother left for Ellie. One was an enchanted feather that would lead her to her magic hat, the one stolen by Micah still missing. The second was a simple brown stone rune on a leather strap.

Since the plan was to head west to Hammerdale, the party took the job of transporting Bago to Ft. Ste. Anne for trial and subsequent hanging. Thaerin was shocked to find a note slid under his door the next morning from Ilessa. Having spotted a pureblood yuan-ti, Ilessa decided it was too risky traveling with the party and slithered off, taking on the world on her own.

After bidding her long-lost little brother goodbye, Ellie the party set out on their journey. Opting to shun the main road, the party traveled along the river, skillfully evading any rescue attempts by Bago confederates. Upon arriving in Ft. Ste. Anne, the party collected their reward and headed south to Kel Ta, a small kobold village known for nothing in particular.

Only their finely honed senses allowed the party to avoid being drugged by a rather unseemly kobold of questionable motive. As they were heading out of the village however, they heard the muffled voice of a struggling prisoner. Investigating further, they discovered a naked monk. They untied the poor fellow and invited him to join them on their travels. Dante the monk was glad to meet new friends since he wasn’t too sure he’d get along with his old kobold friends.

Traveling west, the party encounted a somewhat side and very deep canyon. A rope bridge had been cut, leaving no obvious way to traverse the void. They also discovered a young elven boy who had obviously been through quite an ordeal. Reviving the boy, the party learned that he and three friends had been searching for treasure in the old, thought-to-be-abandoned yuan-ti temple. With the key adjective being “thought-to-be-abandoned” they were ambushed by snake people and fled for their lives. Only the young elf managed to make it to the canyon, cutting the ropes as he crossed the bridge. Further questioning revealed that one of the boys was the son of Otis Swatternick, Regional Governor.

Of course, that had nothing to do with the decision to track the boys and rescue them if, of course, they were still alive.

With much skill and a pinch of luck, the party managed to restore the bridge and crossed with their mounts as the young elf continued his hasty journey home to Ft. Ste. Anne.



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