Thaerin's Raiders

Einer's Shining Moment or How To Spring an Ambush

Our party heads to the shrine of Caetas, just north of Perle de Magie, Gorainnes major port city and the conduit for virtually all international trade.

When they arrive, they meet a greasy, twitchy little fellow named Devry LeChar, the mayor of Perle de Magie. He quickly appraises the party and decides his options are limited. It seems that nearly half of the expected cargo ships have failed to arrive. This is unacceptable. He sent several groups of city guards to the lighthouse to investigate but none have returned. Of course, he doesn’t mention that part to the party. “Just check out the lighthouse.” he says “Make sure everything is ok and I’ll pay you 200gp for your trouble.”

Being unemployed and looking for something to do, the party agrees and heads off to the Serpent’s Eye lighthouse. As they travel through the woods, about a mile from the clearing leading to the cliffs where the lighthouse sits, Our party notices a tree blocking the road ahead and someone or something skulking around the tree.

Always on the alert, the party stops the wagon. The wizard Einer leaps from the wagon and, pulling a page from some dead guy’s playbook, shouts “Ok, we know this is an ambush, you can all come out now!” So they do. A dozen goblins pour out of the woods on both sides of the road and, believe it or not, attack the party. In a disgusting display of luck, the party rather quickly dispatches the ambush party and manages to resist killing Einer.

They manage to get the wagon around the giant tree and continue on their way to the lighthouse.



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